My current master’s thesis focuses on the 1947/48 University of California expedition to South Africa. My research examines the role of Jessie Camp, wife of head paleontologist Dr. Charles L. Camp. I argue that Jessie Camp used her traditional domestic duties to secure her place on the expedition team and, once in the field, used the unique space to briefly carve out a place of power for herself.

My undergraduate thesis focused on American invertebrate paleontologist Edward Sylvester Morse and his time spent in Japan. Using Morse’s journal and published works, I framed his introduction of Darwinism, anthropology, and archaeology within the cultural and societal complexities of the Meiji Restoration. I argued that the Meiji government used Morse and his science as a political tool in their defense against Western domination.

My chief care must be to avoid that rigidity of mind that prevents one from remodeling his opinions; there is nothing more glorious than the graceful abandoning of one’s position if it be false

-Edward S. Morse